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I am a photojournalist with focus on entertainment, family, lifestyle, outdoor, travel, and events. My passion is to create work that is powerful, inspirational and compelling.

I have been privileged to travel over the entire United States, photographing landscapes and events, especially jazz concerts. These life experiences have been major factors in developing artistic and technical skills as well as my passion for photography. I am delighted to share some of these experiences, a few given below:

My interest in color management is reflected in more saturation than normally found in prints, more creative effects, more glow so to speak, thus turning ordinary photos into artistic gems and inspiration that will long be in our memories. I am constantly seeking artistic and technical perfection.

That's Fine Art to me. That's it for now.

Thanks for your attention.


"What do we live for,
if not to make life happier
and less difficult for
everyone else?"